Top 10 Best Washable Rugs In 2022

For those of you who have children or pets, you know that sometimes even the most luxurious rugs are better left in the realm of fantasies. It is practically impossible to protect rugs from children or animals (or both). Your white shag rug is likely to be the victim of a few mishaps, whether it’s a dog who pees when she gets excited or a child who doesn’t always observe your no-blackberry-in-the-house policy. It’s understandable if you assume the rug must go because you’re not planning on getting rid of the kids or the cats anytime soon. It’s possible, though, to have both a stain-resistant rug and one that is easy to clean.

We enlisted the help of interior designers, pet owners, and parents of young children to select the best rugs that can withstand the rigors of daily life and still look nice. Take a look at their suggestions, many of which are machine-washable.

Top 10 Best Washable Rugs In 2022

1. Buddy Mat Ivory Stain & Fade Resistant Rug

Polypropylene yarn, a man-made fiber that is extremely durable, is used to make this soft and fluffy deep-pile rug. The rug, in reality, is stain-resistant and doesn’t shedding. It’s fairly dense for a washable item, but the Buddy can handle a 40C machine cycle. However, we discovered that it dries quickly because to its synthetic material because of its non-slip rubber backing. Ivory was the least stain-forgiving color in the plain rug’s color palette, but we were pleased to discover that it cleaned up admirably in the washing machine.

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2. Chardin home 100% Cotton Diamond Rug

While some rugs can be rather pricey, this one is a bargain compared to the competition and has received excellent reviews from customers who adore the way it looks and feels due to the cotton fabric it is made of. For a lower price, it is also available in smaller sizes and as a runner instead of the standard 3’x5′ rug.

Because it’s reversible, you can get more use out of it, but there’s no backing, so if you’re worried about it sliding around, you’ll need to buy a second rug pad.

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3. Gorilla Grip Thick Fluffy Faux Fur Washable Rug

There aren’t many faux-fur rugs that can be machine washed, but this one does. A thick layer of plush, cozy shag covers the top of the rug. Improved still, the underside is gripped to keep it from slipping while your animals gallop over it! It’s available in a wide range of sizes and hues. The rug is machine washable on a cold setting and dried on a low setting.

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4. Ophanie Machine Washable Fluffy Area Rugs

With its high-density faux fur and no shedding, this super couch shag rug is a must-have for any home. It’s available in three sizes and a variety of colors, and the rug’s non-slip bottom eliminates the need for a rug pad.

This plush shag rug has a pile height of over 1-12 inches and a velvety texture because to its hypoallergenic polyester construction. Vacuuming the rug on a daily basis with a low-power machine is recommended by the brand, but you can also wash and dry it in a washing machine to refresh the fibers.

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5. Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Kitchen Rugs

Because it’s comprised of highly absorbent microfiber, this low-pile rug is perfect for the kitchen because crumbs won’t get stuck in the fibers. To prevent the rug from slipping, the rubberized backing is used. The charcoal/radiant blue and wineberry tones are among the eight colorful shades and patterns available in this rectangular rug, which can be machine washed.

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6. Mylife Rugs Vintage Washable Rug

With the help of MyLife Rugs you can create attractive and pleasant rooms in your house that are packed with personality, elegance, and coziness with a smart premium sense. Non-shedding, fade-resistant low-profile surface pile with a rubber back. It has a somewhat worn appearance, which is ideal for individuals who prefer a more retro aesthetic. A stunning turquoise blue and a calming grey are just two of the eye-catching color choices available.

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7. Polar White Shag Rug

This rug can be used in the bedroom, living room, entryway, dining room, nursery, and even the home office because it is so adaptable. The closest analogy I can think of is walking on a naked, hairy floor. It doesn’t make the floor any softer or spongy. A rug pad and a rug cover are part of Ruggable’s machine-washable rug sets, if you’re not already familiar. When it’s time to wash it, simply take off the rug cover and toss it in the washer.

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8. Well Woven Woden Green

Low-maintenance indoor/outdoor flat-weave rug with no pile. Stain, fade, and weather resistance are all features of this rug’s 100 percent polyester yarn and backing. High-traffic areas can be cleaned with a hose thanks to its synthetic pile, which is as easy to remove as soap and water.

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9. Klyfar Indoor Doormat Absorbent Mud Mat

This rug is perfect if you’re fed up with dog paw prints all over your carpet. Since it’s constructed of polypropylene and has a low pile, this absorbent mat can be easily washed and slid under doors of all shapes and sizes. It comes in five different colors and has an anti-slip back. It’s easy to clean and does a great job of keeping your pets’ paws and feet from bringing dirt and muck inside the house.

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10. Secret Sea Collection, Mexican Area Rug

With its eye-catching geometric pattern and four brilliant color options, the Secret Sea Collection Mexican Area Rug is an ideal choice for a bolder floor covering. Intricate designs and high-contrast colors characterize this rug, which is available in three sizes.

A cotton-acrylic combination is used to make the rug’s floor cover, which is reversible, so you get two color options for the price of one! For ease of care, the rug can be machine washed, although air drying is recommended to avoid shrinkage.

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How to Choose The Best Washable Rugs For Your Home

Make sure it’s actually machine washable.

If you’re looking for washable carpets, you may come across those that need to be hand-washed or cleaned by a professional. Even when looking for machine-washable rugs, we came across plenty that weren’t. Ask the brand about any facts you’re unclear of before making a purchase.

Check the size.

Large washable carpets are available in many shapes and sizes, so be sure your washing machine has the capacity to accommodate it. If you don’t have a commercial-sized machine, you may need to bring it in for cleaning.

Consider the material.

A lot of washable carpets are composed of synthetic fabrics, which are better equipped to withstand the agitation of a washer. Although washable carpets that are made of natural materials like wool or cotton still exist, their availability and price tend to be limited.

The best washable rugs should only be cleaned once in a while. Vacuuming and spot cleaning these rugs on a regular basis will keep them looking good, so only wash them in the machine when necessary or after spills or accidents. They’ll last longer if you don’t put too much wear and strain on them by doing this.

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