Top 10 Best Cafetieres In The UK 2022

When coffee is brewed in a cafetiere, the sweet aroma fills your kitchen early in the morning.

In spite of the popularity of bean-to-cup or pod machines, the French press has remained the industry standard. They last for a long time, are simple to use, are inexpensive, and are perfect for passing around amongst your pals. Many of them also look nice on your kitchen counter.

As a refresher, if you’re not familiar with the cafetiere, it’s a large jug that has a mesh plunger that pushes the unruly coffee grains to the bottom of the carafe, so they don’t end up in your cup.

The cafetiere allows you to control the strength of your coffee by using your preferred spoonful of ground coffee, as opposed to the expensive cup from a cafe or a machine. Let the coffee cool for about three to four minutes, then go for it.

A wide variety of sizes are available, from one cup to a dozen, but the “cups” they refer to are typically smaller than a typical cup. We’ve also included a cafetiere for every price range, because there are so many to choose from.

Top 10 Best Cafetieres In The UK 2022

1. Barista & Co Plastic Free Cafetière

This cafetière from Barista & Co is a great environmentally friendly option for a guilt-free cup of joe. Mostly made of glass, but with steel accents, it has a sleek appearance. It also comes in a variety of colors, including natural steel, black, copper, and teal.

We were a little skeptical about the glass beaker handle before testing it, but it proved to be sturdy and easy to pour with in our evaluations. On the side of the beaker are ml measurements in milliliters, and the 360-degree cylindrical filter eliminates the need for spout alignment. The only minor flaw is that the lid’s fit on the beaker is a little loose, but this has no significant impact on the ease with which you can plunge or pour.

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2. MeelioCafe 1500ML French Press

This stainless steel cafetiere has a capacity of one and a half liters.

As a side note, the stainless steel has an 18/8 composition, which means it contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is true that the grade of stainless steel matters, particularly in terms of corrosion resistance, but while some manufacturers use the term “18/8 grade” and others use the term “304 grade,” I believe they are referring to the exact same material most of the time, if not always,

With a handle that stands out from the rest of the cafetiere, you’ll be able to hold it comfortably without putting your knuckles in harm’s way on the warmer surface of the coffee maker.

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3. VonShef Cafetiere Stainless Steel

With its double-walled design, this stainless steel cafetiere kept our coffee piping hot for a long time, but its handle remained cool to the touch. We were concerned that it would be too small for a six-cup mug, but the pouring and plunging were effortless, and the entire thing can be thrown in the dishwasher.

This is a great option for people who work from home because it keeps your coffee warm all morning and cleans up quickly. To keep your coffee bags secure, it includes a measuring spoon that also serves as a sealing clip. With the Costa Coffee bundle promotion, you can get a discount on Costa Coffee ground coffee with every purchase.

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4. Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière French Press

The Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière is a great choice if you want a Cafetière that is both functional and beautiful. As a result of its ceramic construction, this French press is an excellent insulator and will keep your coffee hot for an extended period of time. The stainless steel plunger and filter are accented with chrome on the inside of the French Press Coffee Maker. With its glossy exterior, the Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière is an eye-catching piece of kitchenware.

The 2 toned red color caught our eye, and it quickly rose to the top of our list of favorite Cafetières thanks to its striking appearance and superior coffee-making capabilities. The only drawback is that there is only one size available: 4 cups. Peso pain, almond, and volcanic orange are just a few of the many colors available. The scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière is a simple Cafetière to recommend in general terms.

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5. BODUM Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

It’s super-smooth in both design and operation. Carafes with stainless steel plungers produce a velvety cup of coffee with a generous amount of ‘coffee bloom’ on top (those frothy surface bubbles that you get on a decent cup of coffee). Its dome-shaped lid, which resembles one of those old-fashioned bells that rung for service at a service desk, also fits snugly in its place. As a result, there will be little heat loss, ensuring that your cup of coffee stays hot.

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6. Stelton Theo French Press

Cafetières featuring Scandinavian minimalism and modernity look great. A refreshing change from the usual glass and steel is provided by Francis Cayouette’s design for Danish label Stelton. The stoneware and bamboo give it a distinct Asian flavor, and there are handleless cups, a sugar bowl, and a jug to go with it if you’d like to have a complete set in your kitchen.

There is a plastic barrier between your coffee and the bamboo lid, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined. However, if you’re going to wash it, don’t submerge it in water.

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7. Café Ole 12 Cup Double Walled Bellied Cafetiere French Press Coffee Maker

The design of this large stainless steel cafetiere differs slightly from the other large cafetieres I’ve seen. You and I both have tummies here, don’t we?

My YouTube videos may make me appear slimmer than they really are, but the apron does an excellent job of concealing my stomach! I’m not as fat as I used to be, but I’m trying to get rid of my belly.

Unlike the flat-sided cafetieres that surround it, this one takes pride in its belly, and rightfully so; it stands out in a crowd of the same.

When it comes to capacity, the blurb on this one appears reasonable, describing it as having the ability to produce four mugs.

As far as I can tell, this is the only one of this size that comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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8. Stellar 12 Cup Double Walled Cafetiere

It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Your guests will be delighted when you bring the Stellar 12-cup cafetiere to the table at the conclusion of the evening. Because of its unique, argon-welded pourer, we were eager to give this one a whirl. There wasn’t even a splatter from it. There were no grains in the 12th or final cup after using the press because it ran through the jug more smoothly than the other two stainless steel options. Dishwasher-safe, but you’ll need a lot of room for it in your dishwasher.

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9. La Cafetière 5164822 Origins Copper

In terms of style, the La Cafetière 5164822 Origins Copper is the best value on the market for an industrial look. Looks like it was designed by a coffee aficionado. However, despite the name Copper, the Cafetière is actually made of stainless steel; it is only the color that is copper, not the material. Also on the side of the Cafetière is a window made of borosilicate glass to watch the plunger in action. The plunger, on the other hand, is made of sturdy materials.

There are two different sizes of the French Press available, and we tried out the larger one, which is both practical and stylish. The product’s human interface input is listed as a touchscreen on Amazon’s page, which is absurd given that the product has no screen and that a touchscreen is unnecessary for a Cafetière.

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10. Alessi Barkoffee French-Press Coffee Maker

In keeping with the Alessi brand’s reputation for stylish, high-end products, this one is no exception. To appeal to coffee drinkers who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, this model features a display-friendly design. Two Belgian designers created the carafe, which is encased in a black stainless steel frame that resembles tree bark.

Snazzy, heat-resistant glass makes this cafetière light and easy to use. The molded handle was comfortable and natural, and the plunge motion was smooth and precise. It also produced the most ‘coffee bloom,’ a creamy layer on top of the liquid, of any of the cafetières we tested. Aside from making herbal teas, it can also be used as an infusion maker for fresh herbs.

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How to choose the best cafetière for you

What types of cafetière are there?

One of the most common features of cafetières is the filter, which is attached to the top of the beaker by a pole that runs through it, and one of the most common components is a cylinder or beaker. It’s time to sip your morning cup of joe, and the filter pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom, leaving you with a clean cup of coffee. Most commonly, the filter is made of stainless steel wire or nylon mesh, but cheesecloth filters are also common (though this is rare these days).

What features should you look for?

With a wide range of materials to choose from, such as stainless steel, stoneware, and plastic, it’s important to know what you’ll be using the cylinder for (keeps coffee hotter for longer). In the event that you need your coffee to remain hot for an extended period of time, consider a double-walled version, or, if you prefer to take your beverage with you on the go, a travel version with a sealable lid. Many modern cafetières have dishwasher-safe parts, so don’t forget to clean up after yourself.

What size should I buy?

There are a variety of sizes of cafetières, which can be measured in liters or cups. It makes three cups with the 350ml capacity but can also be used to make two smaller mugs. If you want to make six cups, you can get one that holds 650ml. The one-liter versions make about eight cups and are perfect for entertaining or feeding a small family. Everything from four cups to 12 cups is now available, as well as everything in between. Because most of us are accustomed to drinking large cups of coffee, we recommend ordering a size larger than you think you’ll need because one cup can be quite small in the world of cafetiéres.


We had a difficult time narrowing down our favorite cafetieres from among the many available. Choosing the material before making a purchase is preferable. Consider your needs, budget, and personal style before making a purchase.


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